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Preethi Zodiac Cosmo Mixer Grinder 750 Watt motor with 5 Jars

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We offer
  • 5-Year Motor Warranty

  • 2-Year Product Guarantee

  • Life-long Free Service

Best Suited for
  • Batter

    Batter Equals to 10 Dosas

  • Chutney

    Chutney Equals to 95 gm

  • Dry Masala

    Dry Masala Equals to 150 gm

  • Churning

    Churning Equals to ~ 1.5 cups of Butter

  • Coconut Milk<

    Coconut Milk Equals to ~ 1.5 cups of Milk

  • Juicing With Water

    Juicing With Water Equals to ~ 2 cups of Juice

  • Blending

    Blending Equals to ~ 2.5 cups of Juice

  • Pure Juice

    Pure Juice Equals to ~ 2 cups of Juice

  • Kneading

    Kneading Equals to 12 Roti's

  • Chopping

    Chopping Equals to 300 gm Veg

  • Slicing

    Slicing Equals to 500 gm Veg

  • Grating

    Grating Equals to 500 gm Veg

  • Citrus Press

    Citrus Press Equals to 1 Dozen

  • Cake Batter

    Cake Batter Equals to 5 Cupcake

  • Dicing

    Dicing Equals to ~ 500 Veg

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2.1 Litre Master Chef Plus Jar and Accessories

Slice & Dice Technology: Simple & efficient mechanism to dice vegetables in seconds.Designed to achieve minimal wastage of vegetables while dicing

Hands-free Grinding
Hands-free Grinding

The Unique locking system supports hands-free grinding and avoids spills and pop ups.

Triple Safety Mechanism
Triple Safety Mechanism

The Triple Safety Mechanism ensures maximum safety during mixing, grinding, and food preparation. It ensures that the Mixer grinder doesn’t switch on if the Jar lid and Jar isn't secured correctly to the base unit.

Vega W5 750W Motor
Vega W5 750W Motor

It comes with 5 Year warranty. The motor has passed 215 Hours of endurance test. Can continuously grind even Urad dal for 30 Mins*.It also grinds hard ingredients like roasted Turmeric in 2 Mins*

Stainless Steel Jar Blade
Stainless Steel Jar & Blade

These jars are made of high quality stainless steel and the blades are high precision for best performance. They also go through water load test to ensure stability and endurance.

3D cooling System
3D cooling System

Faster cooling of motor and prolongs motor life


Unique Wide feet body architecture for better stability especially while grinding heavy applications

Super Extractor
Super Extractor

Extraction of juices, coconut milk and tamarind essence made easy. The super extractor doubles as a blender for smoothie making, blending and ice crushing

Colour Black
Part Number 45NJHDS3
Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 74.5 x 62.5 x 29 Centimeters
Material ABS Plastic
Wattage 750 Watts
Item Weight 6100 Grams
Name of the Company (i.e. Manufactured/Imported by) Philips Domestic Appliances India Ltd
Address of the Manufacturer/Importer Philips Domestic Appliances India Ltd., Futura Tech Park, Q4, 4th Floor, Block B, #334, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, (OMR), Sholinganallur, Chennai- 600 119
Common or Generic name of the Product Mixer Grinder
Net Quantity (in standard unit i.e. N or U) 1 N
MRP (inclusive of all taxes) 17429
  • Model Name  Number

    Model Name & Number Preethi Zodiac Cosmo - MG 236

  • Voltage

    Voltage 230V ~ 50Hz

  • Power Consumption

    Power Consumption750 Watt

  • Motor

    Motor Universal 750 Watt High Power Motor

  • No load speed

    No load speed19000 RPM (approx.)

  • With load speed

    With load speed 10000 RPM (approx.)

  • Insulation

    Insulation Class F

  • Protection

    Protection Class I

  • Rating

    RatingOrdinary total rated ON time 30 minutes (max), Continuous ON for 5 minutes

  • Material of Body

    Material of Body ABS

  • Material of Jars

    Material of Jars Stainless Steel & Transparent Plastic.

  • Blade Assemblies

    Blade Assemblies Stainless Stell, machine ground and polished

  • Speed Controls

    Speed Controls Rotary switch with 3 speed and incher

  • Flex Cord

    Flex Cord PVC insulated 3 Core flexicord with plugtop & earthing

  • Country of Origin INDIA

    Country of Origin INDIA

Multipurpose Jar
Multipurpose Jar
Chutney Jar
Blender Jar
Super Extractor
1.5 Litre
1.0 Litre
0.5 Litre
1.5 Litre
Rated Capacity
Wet Max. (Rated) Dry Max. (Rated) Speed Max. Run Time
0.7 Litre 0.6 Litre Pulse, 1,2,3 2 Min
0.5 Litre 0.6 Litre Pulse, 1,2,3 2 Min
0.3 Litre 0.2 Litre Pulse, 1,2,3 2 Min
0.7 Litre NA Pulse, 1,2,3 2 Min
0.6 Litre NA Pulse, 1,2,3 2 Min
750Watts is more than enough for domestic usage. Depending on your ingredient usage you may choose between 500W, 600W & 750W. For example, if you grind coconut often you may need a 600 or a 750w mixer grinder and if its light grinding with small quantities you may choose a 500W.
Yes. Preethi Xpro Duo, a 1300W mixer grinder is a widely recommended product by hoteliers for commercial purpose. This product comes with a 1-year warranty unlike other commercial offerings.
Pulse option is available in all the mixer grinder models. It is required to pulse the ingredients before we start grinding as it breaks the ingredients into smaller pieces and helps in smoother and faster grinding.
Yes. There is an overload protector (OLP) at the bottom of the mixer grinder. When the jar is overloaded with ingredients the OLP cuts off protecting the motor from any futher damage. There are other additional safety protectors in certain models for specific requirements.
For best results, it is always recommended to fill the jar to 50% of its overall quantity.
Usually the minimum level is above the blade level. But in case of Turbo Spice Mini Jar you can grind even 4 peppercorns.
No. It is always recommended to grind ingredients at room temperature.
Blending can be done in the super extractor without filter or in the biggest jar available
Blades play a vital role in the overall performance of the mixer grinder. They are fixed at the factory in a certain way to deliver best results. Hence cannot be removed.
Super extractor is a special jar for extracting juice (Both vegetable & Fruits), tamarind pulp, coconut milk by adding water. This comes with a filter, hence the pulp is removed. A Blender is used for making smoothies, lassi, milk shake, ice crushing etc. where the pulp is retained in the recipe.
Yes, batter can be made in a mixer grinder. In fact, our Vega W5 motor entered Asia Book of records for grinding 500kg of batter continuously in batches.
Yes. Preethi mixer grinders are high performing appliances that can grind dry turmeric in 2 minutes.
A 1KVA or above UPS can support a mixer grinder for few minutes. But in general, it is not recommended to run a mixer grinder with UPS as it might damage the UPS.
No. Locally made jars come with low quality steel & couplers. Also since these are not factory made they misalign with the jar causing excess wear & tear to the jar & the motor. Preethi accessories are available at our service centers and at select dealer points.
In case of centrifugal juicing, atta kneading, meat mincing, slicing & grating the mixer grinder has to be operated in speed 1 only. But for blending or super extracting you can operate at speed 1,2 and 3. For chopping pulse operation is recommended.
Yes. Not only Maida, Multigrain atta also can be kneaded. But please note that the water-flour recommendation is for Atta.
24 fruits can be juiced at a go.
Yes, cake batter can be prepared. In fact, Zodiac entered the Guinness book of world records for making cake batter that made the tallest cupcake tower.
Yes, it is removable. It is advised to remove the base unit while cleaning.
Jars can be cleaned with warm water or mild detergent. Alternatively, you can also fill warm water till blade level and run the mixer in speed 1 for 30secs. But please note that jars should not be soaked in water. Also remember to remove the gasket while cleaning.
Once you clean the jar, wipe it with a dry cloth and stack it in an inverted position.
Yes. Preethi offers home service for all its products. A nominal travel charge will be collected. Spares are free if within warranty & will be charged if out of warranty. In any case, there is no labour charge as Preethi promises Lifelong free service.
Switch off the mixer grinder and remove the jar. Check the OLP at the bottom of the mixer grinder, if it is an OLP cut off, wait for 2-3min before you restart with reduced quantities. If the OLP is intact, please contact Preethi Service Centre for help.

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Preethi Zodiac Cosmo Mixer Grinder 750 Watt motor with 5 Jars