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Preethi Café Zest Black

Authentic South Indian Filter Coffee maker with SS jar, keeps decoction warm for ...

2,530.00 3,839.00 34% Off

Preethi Drip Café Coffee Maker (White)

Authentic South Indian Filter Coffee maker with SS jar, keeps decoction warm for ...

2,530.00 3,659.00 31% Off

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Coffee Maker for Home:

Preethi is an Indian brand that offers a range of kitchen appliances, including coffee makers. Preethi coffee makers are designed to provide coffee lovers with an easy and convenient way to brew their favorite coffee at home.

Making Authentic South Indian filter coffee is not easy, but the Preethi Coffee makers are designed to give you the most authentic experience of having a South Indian Filter Coffee.

It is a strong, flavorful coffee that is made using a unique brewing method and served with milk and sugar.

The brewing process for South Indian filter coffee involves a two-part metal filter that is filled with coffee grounds and hot water. The water drips slowly through the filter and into a container below, resulting in a strong and concentrated coffee decoction.

The flavor profile of South Indian filter coffee is bold and complex, with notes of caramel, chocolate, and spice. It is often enjoyed as a morning beverage or as an afternoon pick-me-up and is a staple in many South Indian households and coffee shops.

One of the popular models offered by Preethi is the Café Zest coffee maker. It features a compact and sleek design that can easily fit into any kitchen space. This coffee maker is equipped with a powerful 450-watt heating element that ensures quick brewing and efficient performance.

The Cafe Zest coffee maker comes with a warmer that keeps the decoction warm for up to 1 hour after the preparation until the appliance is switched off.

The Coffee maker also comes with a Rust Proof Stainless Steel Jar which can withstand enormous heat generated while the coffee is being brewed and a transparent water level indicator that gives an indication of the right amount of water to be added. It also has ergonomically designed handle that provides a firm grip and prevents it from slipping from your hand.

With their efficient performance, user-friendly features, and stylish design, Preethi coffee makers are a great addition to any kitchen.

About Preethi Kitchen Appliances:

Preethi is an Indian brand that has been providing high-quality kitchen appliances for over four decades. The brand is known for its innovative and reliable products that make cooking and food preparation more convenient and efficient.

Preethi's product line includes a wide range of kitchen appliances, such as mixer grinders, wet grinders, blenders, juicers, food processors, coffee makers, and more. These appliances are designed to cater to the diverse needs of customers and are available in various sizes, capacities, and designs.

One of the standout features of Preethi kitchen appliances is their durability and robust build quality. The brand uses high-quality materials to manufacture its products, ensuring that they are built to last and withstand heavy usage. Preethi appliances are also easy to maintain and clean, making them ideal for busy households and professional kitchens.